Submissive men fantasize about powerful leather-clad women, abducting them off the street, and keeping them prisoner for their own kinky amusement. The power exchange is complete when these men are turned into sex slaves. Once bound, gagged, tied naked and spread-eagled, the Mistress can tease and torment them. She can repeatedly bring them close to sexual release and then deny orgasm. Breaking them is effortless at this point.


It was simply a kidnapping. As if to say that a kidnapping could be simple. No one knew his whereabouts. At some point, maybe sooner or maybe later, he would be stricken with this realization.

She continued to tie him down, using a combination of ropes and leather restraints-quite artistic, the goal being to compound his sense of vulnerability through the use of restraints and physical exposure. There was no way he could pull his legs together. His cock and balls were no longer something he controlled. She controlled his erection. His balls were tied in such a way that if he moved a fraction of an inch, it felt like he was going to pull them off – and yet, they were hot and swollen from the pressure and the occasional stroke of a finger over them. He was on his back, his asshole was angled in such a way that she could finger fuck him whenever she wanted to. She could use something bigger, thicker and longer, or she could  use something totally invasive, and repeatedly rape him. This was his secret fantasy/nightmare trip, that sooner or later was destined to happen, since there was nothing but time and rope between them. 

She had tied a tight rope under his tits, and another one above them, then joined them together in the center, exaggerating his nipples to the swollen point of explosion. When she stroked them repeatedly, his cock went wild, fighting the ropes that bound it, making those ropes cut into his cock, turning it almost purple in color. She wondered if the rope was too tight, but realized it was never tight enough. Let him fight it. It would only put him deeper into heat. Such a slut for sex and such fun to use. Her hands were all over him, pulling him, feeling him up, keeping him hot and then trailing off, denying him what he wanted most – an explosive orgasm. She kept putting him through his paces, over and over until he thought he would go mad. She knew exactly when to stop. She knew exactly how to pull and stroke his hot nipples. She knew when to whip them, and knew when to put clips on them and tie the clips off.


He was out of control. She pulled the gag out of his mouth, his hood still in place. He was about to beg her to let him come, when he felt her pushing a huge dildo into his mouth. He remembered what she had said once before, that if his mouth was not gagged, it would be used for whatever she wanted. He heard her say, “Suck it, suck it good.” And he knew he had better do exactly as she said. He started sucking good and hard. He could feel her shift and she started using a vibrator on a very low speed on his cock. “Suck it deeper.” He was ready to do anything. He was so hot. He knew that in another second or two, he was going to unload, and she knew it too, because she quickly cut the vibrator, and pulled that giant cock out of his mouth. He felt her lift off of him. She pushed the gag back into his mouth, and refastened it. She felt his hot tits, his swollen balls, and his heavy cock.

She wondered again, at what point he would recognize the fact that he was a prisoner, a sex slave. Any act could take place, and what choice would he have but to comply?


She thought about using the strait jacket on him, and securing him to the table. It would be one position after the next. He would be used to the point of exhaustion and then more. Sexual relief would not be considered until she had used him in every way possible. His explosive climax did not necessarily have to signal an end to his predicament, after all, he was a prisoner, someone simply kidnapped.