Couples seeking a professional Dominant Mistress require specific fetish training. An experienced Mistress intuitively knows how to make a couple feel comfortable and sexually control the scene. CBT (cock and ball torture), nipple torment, rope bondage, leather restraint, handcuffs, chains, hoods, blindfolds, intense orgasm control, dildo worship and heavy strap-on play are integral to the rhythm of the session.

“We are outside, Mistress.”  I hung the telephone up and went down to meet them.

She was young, slender, smart and sexy.  She wrapped herself around him as they walked, their heads close together, smiling, animated, talking low, as if they were the only ones on the block, and in a way they were. If only you could have seen the look on his face. God, she was good. Paola & Ray 12-1-08 003

Our second meeting. I held the door open, “Hello, Ms. Tracy,” she whispered as she glided past me. He could hardly wait, aso many e-mails, so many possibilities for travel plans to go wrong.

I stripped him naked and blindfolded him. I  attached his wrist cuffs to a bar on my upright rack.  His legs, spread-eagled, were secured to the chains at the bottom of the rack.  I slowly started to ratchet his arms up into what would ultimately become a torturous stretch of his entire body.

I stroked his taut body with my fingertips, periodically turning the wench tighter. I placed several weights on his testicles and clips to his nipples.

I quickly got her to disrobe then tied her,  face to face with him.  His cock was hard and it went right between her legs.  I belted them together, around the waist. Neither could pull away.

Paola & Ray 12-1-08 001I started rubbing up against her from behind. I reached around pulling on his nipple clips, and tightening the pulley that held them captive. I took turns whipping both of them and  using vibrators on them.  I knew that before I released them from this position she would climax, which would add to the frenzy that I was slowly creating between the two of them.  When she was so close that she couldn’t hold back anymore, I gave a final turn to the pulley and quickly forced her to come on the vibrator. I had to pull her far enough back from him so he wouldn’t lose it between her excitement and the vibration that was being transferred into her pussy.  She was collapsing from the tension on the rack and the power of her own climax.

The next position would be on the bed. I had him on his back with his head anchored and secured to the foot of the bed.  His legs were spread wide, his arms were over his head, each arm secured to an individual pulley that I then wrapped around each side of the rack.  I went back and forth, tightening each pulley until I had a decent tension. I put another set of nipple clips on him, a set that I could tie off as well as tighten.  I put a light rope around his cock and balls with enough pressure, that when he started moving around, it would self-tighten.  I started playing with him, using my hand then the vibrators back and forth getting him hot then stopping to tighten the nipple clips.

Paola_&_Ray_12-1-08_009I was ready to use her. She got on her knees and straddled him. Her legs were spread wide and she was upright. I tied her hands loosely behind her back. His cock was almost touching her pussy, although he could barely move.

I started using the vibrator on him with my right hand, my left shoulder was bracing her torso to keep her from falling forward. I used another vibrator on her, simultaneously pushing her closer to his cock, which he was trying to push into her. I kept stimulating both of them eventually positioning them so that his cock could enter her. When they were close I took a thin leather strap and started whipping the front of her pussy. After four or five well placed shots with the strap, she started to fall forward. I continued to brace her body and put the vibrator back on her pussy. I was still vibrating him as he tried to push deep inside her. She was opening up and coming at the same time that he climaxed.

It was a good way to spend a few hours during a warm afternoon. Now they would head back into the City, where they had scheduled a helicopter tour of Manhattan. With a deadpan expression I asked him if that might be his idea. He quickly assured me that it was something that she wanted to do. “No kidding.” I thought.